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October 2015

October 2015 Central Public School Newsletter

Central Public School
October 2015 Newsletter

Autumn has come to Central P.S.!
September has flown past. There is a chill in the air.  Children are reminded to pack extra layers in their back packs.  Days are chilly in the morning but warm up later.  It's better to have extra clothes than not enough!
Lots of extra curricular activities are happening for students. Garden club is busy harvesting and cooking with the students. Each class is cooking something different.  
Ms. Campeau, zucchini bread—Liz
Ms. Watt, zucchini bread—Liz
Ms. Spanton, pesto—Liz
Mr. Cotton—herbs on roasted potatoes—Sam
Ms. L’Abbe—Kale mini pizza—Rae
Mr. Wood, Salsa—Nina
Mr. Siegwart, french fries (roasted potatoes), Rae

Thank you so much to LIz Tennent and our parent volunteers for volunteering their time with the children.
The Terry Fox run was a success. People can continue to go to our website to donate.  Running club has been happening at the park every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Congratulations to our fabulous Cross Country Runners. We had a beautiful day up at Fort Henry Hill.  All Central athletes ran hard and placed well in their respective age categories.  We have 7 athletes that qualified for the Championship meet next Tuesday.  
Claire finished 3rd
Peja finished 10th
Katie finished 21st
Dante finished 21st
Chris finished 5th
Pierre finished 25th
Ben finished 22nd
All ran top notch races! Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Our new kindergarten parents have been welcomed with Coffee Central again in the school yard.  This is a lovely way to meet other parents and arrange play dates.  

It’s been a great start to the school year. I am, as always, proud to be the principal of such an amazing school. Thank you.
Dates to Remember:

Parent Council - October 6th
Picture Day - October 28
Dental Screening - TBA

Patterning and Pattern extensions in the primary divisions.  Students explore the patterns in the world around them and then show their creativity as they create their own!

School Hours

Classes start at 9:00am.
Lunch is from 11:45am until 12:45pm.
Arrival: Supervision of children begins at 8:45am in the playground.  Children will be let in the school by their teacher when the bell rings.  Please do not send your child through the front doors before 9:00am. If a child arrives at school after the bell, he or she much check in at the office before proceeding to his/her classroom with a late slip.
Dismissal: Students can be picked up from the playground after the bell ring at the end of the school day.  Please greet your child in the school yard and not in the hallways.  This ensures the safety of all students. 
Instructional time is valuable.  To avoid disruptions please ensure your child arrives on time and joins his/her class in the yard for morning entrance.

Sign Up for the Newsletter!
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Nut Awareness - We do have some students and staff with extreme allergies to peanuts and/or tree nuts. Your child's teacher will inform you of any classroom concerns in this area. 

Milk - Chocolate and white milk are available to purchase for lunch.  Students can bring in 0.75 cents or pay in advance for a longer period.

Attendance and Absence Notification - Students are expected to attend school regularly, be punctual and participate in all classes.  Children who must leave for an appointment need to have a note, and must be picked up and signed out at the main office.  If returning the same day, they are asked to sign in.  
The Advance Absence Program was put in place to help ensure that children arrive safely at school.  Your cooperation in notifying the school when your child is absent for illness, appointments, etc. is essential and greatly appreciated.  Simply leave us a message at 613-546-9454, the answering machine is available 24 hours a day.  THE YELLOW CARDS were sent home; please complete and return it promptly to the school.  It is also important that an emergency phone number be given on the pupil registration form in case of illness. 


Please RSVP!

See yourself in Limestone!  Registration forms can be found on our website.

The Grade Six class has renamed our stair well.  If you are in the building, be sure to stop and 'stare' at the art in our gallery.  

Madame has displayed some great work in our halls!

Autumn art is throughout the hallways!

Creative writing in our Junior division.

Ms L'Abbe and her students working together to problem solve.

Our Grade Six student preparing presentations using technology.

Bingo - If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer for our bingo slots at Treasure Chest Bingo Hall please contact Mrs. Amodeo at the main office.  We usually have two, two hour slots one Sunday a month, 12-2pm and 2-4pm.  Bingo funds help offset the costs of field trips and have been used to purchase technology equipment.

Parent Council Corner

First PAC meeting will be October 6th.
Our first PAC meeting will be held in the staffroom starting at 5:30. Everyone is welcome.  PAC is a dynamic group of parents who work in consultation with the Principal for the enhancement of students' experience at Central P.S. Nomination forms are available at the office and election will take place on October 6th.  Nominations can be made at the council meeting as well. 
Central Rewards Programme!
Central Public School has a new rewards program. Buy items at Novel Idea, Minotaur or Labyrinth and the school will receive a percentage of the purchase price to spend at the store.

Bingo is Central’s main fundraiser! Bingo funds help the entire school. We are looking for volunteers to spend 2 hours at Treasure Chest Bingo Hall! Volunteers need to attend an hour training session. Please let Mrs. Amodeo know if you are interested. Thank you to those parents that have signed up.

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