Welcome to Central Public School!  Our Mission Statement captures the essence of our school and we want to share it with you:

“The staff of Central Public School believes in the physical, emotional, social, artistic and intellectual development of each individual child. As a place of learning, we commit ourselves to the celebration of personal and collaborative excellence in a caring, safe and supportive environment.”  

The staff and community of Central Public School offer many learning opportunities for your child(ren).  Our students have the chance to participate in artistic events such as plays and choir, in athletic events such as junior basketball and track and field, as well as in environmental projects such as gardening and composting. At the classroom level, our teachers provide remarkable comprehensive literacy and numeracy programs to our students, tailoring them to meet the needs of a variety of learners. At the school level, Character Education and Bully Prevention are areas in which we continue to grow in order to support our students’ decision making and problem solving skills.

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